• Are you on the edge of

    something amazing in your life?

    Can you see it?

    How can you

    get there?

    SUPPORT brings you success.


    In Seeker Sisters,

    daily angel answers


    a loving sisterhood


    serenity, direction, and success

    Join Seeker Sisters by Shannon Walbran,

    an exclusive spiritual mentorship and coaching community

    meant for you:

    an entrepreneurial, executive, international woman.

    You're ready to eradicate your blind spots

    and access your power

    by receiving soulful and actionable answers

    straight from your angels!

  • What if you could ...

    Access a secret circle full of inquisitive, smart, caring, women from around the world?

    Receive direct and helpful answers to your most pressing soul-level questions?

    In this place ...

    You’ll enter into a mentorship with Spirit Guide interpreter Shannon Walbran, who has helped 25,000 clients since 2003. She's trained in Reiki, Spirit Guide interpretation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


    You’ll get evidence-based advice with years of public proof behind her.


    You'll join Seeker Sisters who are receiving specific and personal answers on a daily basis, plus 8 million followers from radio, TV, and social media, who are now truly convinced that they are loved and guided by a divine intelligence - because the answers make sense and are about things only YOU would know.

    Tell me ...

    Would you join that community if you had a chance?

  • The answer is YES if:

    • You’re a woman who’s ready to implement solutions instead of bumping into roadblocks.
    • You’re ready to exist without limits, explore beliefs that restore your faith, and meet people who challenge you.
    • You want success in all areas of your life: finances, health, business, family, and most of all spirituality.

  • Your angels are here to say:


    "Who are you NOT to ask, desire, or seek? It's your divine right!"

  • What kinds of


    can you ask your angels?

    “What can I do to rekindle romance in my marriage?”


    “How can I stop fighting with my teenage son?”


    “What is my work personality type, and what roles am I suited for?”


    “Why am I waking up at 3 in the morning, every single night?”


    “Should I partner with L in my business? Who is our target market?”


    ... and many more!


    (I've even written a free eBook with the most effective questions

    I've gathered from a dozen years on radio;

    I'll email it to you so we can get started right away!)

  • What are our daily themes?

    These are just prompts; you can ask whatever you'd like!

  • About Shannon Walbran

    international top psychic

    I'm on a mission to re-connect you to Source.

    But before I go on, let me share who I am, and how I came to be the host of Seeker Sisters!


    I’m Shannon Walbran, and I’m an author and speaker, as well as a world-renowned psychic and spiritual coach.


    My role is to help you remember who you truly are and show you that you’re always guided -- but with facts and tools, not airy-fairy castles in the sky!


    These days I coach people all over the world through individual Spirit Guide readings, my free Facebook group Shannon Walbran Psychic School, speaking at live events, radio shows, TV, my audiobook "Guided" on Audible, and my eCourse on Daily Om.


    But I wasn’t always working as a Spirit Guide interpreter, bringing people messages and answers from their angels and Spirit Guides.


    My deep curiosity about the world led me on a journey that started in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. This journey has taken me to 48 countries (and counting!)


    Through my studies and work with NGOs, journalism, and filmmaking I’ve lived and worked in Italy, Slovakia, Bolivia, and Brazil. Since 2003 I’ve lived in South Africa. Now I'm based in both Johannesburg as well as St. Paul, Minnesota.


    I’m not a saint, but I believe that through my work I am somewhat of a “saint-maker.” My clients learn brand new ways to approach life, to respond to challenges, and to deal with what Life gives them, on a daily basis. I’m helping clients bring out their inner holiness and wholeness.


    I know exactly how it feels to be in those shoes because for many years I, too, was a seeker. And I still am. I felt a deep sense of wonderment about the world and I had a desire to travel, experience different cultures, and deepen my spiritual gifts and practices.


    You know what I was doing on the side, during all that work? Going to healers, who would consistently tell me, “You’ve got a gift! Get ready to use it!”


    My journey was at times extremely difficult. I was:

    • Broke and deeply in debt

    • Struggling in "real jobs," hating the 9-5

    • Dealing with deep lows and anxiety, including post-natal depression

    • Falling into relationships that didn’t serve me (or them, come to think!)

    • Eating poorly and drinking way too much alcohol even though it didn’t make me feel good...

    In short, I didn’t feel guided or grounded.


    I know how deeply painful it can be:

    • To feel out of control in your life.
    • To wonder which steps to take next
    • To be immersed in feelings of loneliness, even when you’re surrounded by dozens of people.

    Suddenly, everything changed. In 2003, I received a specific message from my Spirit Guides: "Now it's time for you to help other people."


    Because of that message, I quit my job, became a full-time Spirit Guide translator, and now have a 95% satisfaction rate; my clients say I'm 85% accurate and 100% helpful.


    In our work together you learn how to access that one little magical secret thing I mentioned earlier. This is what will help you on your own spiritual journey.


    It’s not such a big secret after all… it’s called intuition or inner guidance. Or faith. And it can be yours if you’re willing to listen and receive it so that you can resolve your challenges.


    Together we can cultivate your own

    sense of knowing,

    in Seeker Sisters.

  • What can you expect from

    joining Seeker Sisters?

    Well, Seeker Sisters have had the most phenomenal results!


    Do you need to find a new job?

    "I hated my job and they even stopped paying me, for no reason! Thanks to the guidance I received and followed, I found a new position that fits me. Every day, I'm grateful."


    Are you concerned about your relationship?

    "Shannon, we're expecting our first baby. I remember when you told me we should get married. I already thought the answer would be yes, but I just wanted to check. Now I'm so happy!"


    Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

    "I know my Guides told me which steps to take in order to carry this child full-term, but after so many miscarriages, I was terrified when I went into hospital early. Good news. She's perfect. I'm writing to ask you to attend her baptism, as everything is fine. Will you come?"


    Do you want to move?

    "The guidance to move countries was so clear and specific! You helped us find a new city, a new job, a new home, and you even sent me specific meetup information to find the right new friends! I'm feeling so blessed!"


    Are you having health issues?

    "That advice about my vitamin deficiency was spot on - my symptoms disappeared within a week!"


    -- and much much more!

    New ways to manifest abundance! New creative outlets! New sources of income!


    How do all the tools in the Seeker Sisters Circle fit together?


    You’ll get tangible advice, access to practical ideas and activities,

    and answers straight from your angels,

    so that you can cultivate and advance your internal wisdom.


    Here’s how we’ll work together:

    Daily Answers, a Sounding-board for your Soul

    Gold and Platinum Levels

    Specific advice from your personal Spirit Guides

    Do you get stuck when it’s time to make crucial decisions? I’ve designed this uniquely for you.


    Every day, through angel readings to answer your questions, I help you make the crucial decisions you need in order to create your best life. You'll get clearer, stronger, and healthier as you learn to listen to your Guides on your own.


    How: Post one question per day in our secret Facebook group and get not only your detailed, specific answer but also support from our community!

    Weekly Calls for Clarity and Purpose

    Platinum Level

    Accountability can be loving and fun

    Do you ever set goals but then feel completely stuck when it comes to getting into your flow and achieving them? That’s why I schedule weekly calls as part of our work together.


    When someone knows what you're truly going for: financial freedom, world-building, family harmony, ultimate health, unlimited belief systems -- it feels fantastic to share goals.


    How: You'll have a weekly phone / Skype check-in, benchmarking where you're at and aiming for where you want to go!

    Monthly 1-to-1 Meetings to Make Magic

    Diamond Level

    Different from counseling, a vessel for your growth

    Do you desire a true transformation from being stuck to becoming guided?


    Deeply tracking your progress and taking you forward, my monthly 5-hour Solo Intensive sessions with you offer a powerful opportunity for praying and visioning together, including Reiki and other energy healing modalities like Emotional Freedom Technique and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


    How: In person or via Skype/Zoom.

  • Investment

    The classic one-hour, ten-question phone session is US$175.

    When you decide which Seeker Sisters package you'd like to join,

    that will be applied to your first month's membership.


    US $500 per month


    The Gold Level of the Seeker Sisters gives you

    full contact with the Seeker Sisters community

    + daily personalized written answers Monday-Friday in our secret Facebook group.


    One personal question and answer per weekday - and you can see everyone else's answers, too!

    Plus the spiritual prompts and support. This gives you a lot of guidance and a feeling of community.


    You can top up with phone calls or a VIP face-to-face session if you need that connection!


    There is a 3-month minimum to start, and then you can change to month-to-month membership.


    Here is the PayPal link for a 3-month Gold Membership to the

    Seeker Sisters: PayPal.Me/ShannonWalbran/1500


    US $1,000 per month


    The Platinum Level of the Seeker Sisters gives you

    full contact with the Seeker Sisters community

    + daily personalized written answers Monday-Friday

    + weekly phone calls



    Full speed ahead!


    You'll make quick and steady progress by solving problem after problem! Very few coaching programs in the world offer this much contact, divine guidance, and community support all at once!


    There is a 3-month minimum to start, and then you can change to month-to-month membership.


    Here is the PayPal link for a Platinum Membership to the Seeker Sisters: PayPal.Me/ShannonWalbran/3000


    US $5,000 per month


    The Diamond Level of the Seeker Sisters gives you

    full contact with the Seeker Sisters community

    + daily personalized written answers Monday-Friday

    + weekly phone calls

    + a monthly VIP Solo Intensive 5-hour face-to-face session


    Full speed ahead!


    You'll make quick and steady progress by solving problem after problem! Very few coaching programs in the world offer this much contact, divine guidance, and community support all at once!


    There is a 3-month minimum to start, and then you can change to month-to-month membership.


    Here is the PayPal link for a 3-month Diamond Membership to the Seeker Sisters: PayPal.Me/ShannonWalbran/5000

  • I'm ready to join

    Seeker Sisters!

    It's time to make big changes, FAST.

    Schedule your one-hour, ten-question phone session now.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I’ve signed up for other coaching programs, what makes this one different?

    Many coaching programs are about the coach, not about you. The coach got skinny/rich/successful/famous, “and so can you.” In the Seeker Sisters, the spotlight is on YOU and your particular, personal challenges. Your angels know who you are, so their answers will bring in details that nobody knows but you.


    “That cheese you ate yesterday? That’s what’s giving you a stomachache.” “That screeching sound your car is making? You need new brakes.”


    Secondly, in most coaching programs you have very little contact with the coach. You might be in a sea of thousands at a talk, or in a big group, receiving general information.


    In Seeker Sisters, you get a DAILY and PERSONAL response to your most pressing question of the moment. That gives you tremendous momentum to move forward.

    Will I really get results?

    Sure, that’s natural to ask! Results depend on your willingness to take action and to implement the advice you’re given.


    What I’ve found is, as trust builds (quickly!), people start eating the foods that are right for them, making the phone calls to get the new position, applying for the promotion at work, and letting go of their own fears and roadblocks. Because it works.


    They start to FLY!


    So you'll know after our one-hour call if this kind of guidance is right for you.


    Even in the first of your three month start-up period, you will hear what your Guides and angels sound like, so that you can tap into your divine guidance on your own for the rest of your life.


    That’s the point, anyway! You ARE guided! Let's get you re-connected!

    I run a business. How can membership in Seeker Sisters help me?

    Divine guidance has recently been given to very powerful businesspeople, on the following topics:

    • Defining your target customers and doubling your customer base

    • Re-branding with new taglines and colors

    • Restructuring departments and streamlining human resources

    • Developing new product lines

    • Planning your early retirement!

    Does that sound like it would help you?

    Is this a religious group? Do I have to follow a particular faith in order to benefit from the mentorship and coaching?

    This is not a group based on a specific religion. We all come from different faith backgrounds (Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, New Age, and even agnostic).


    But we all believe in a Higher Power, a divine intelligence that is helping us. We believe in a kind and caring Universe, and we are willing to cooperate with that Universe to lead better lives and fulfill our divine destinies.

    Still pondering a question you don’t see listed here? I want to help you make the best possible decision! Email me on info@shannonwalbran.com

  • I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

    As an international psychic, I do individual and group sessions around the world

    and appear on radio and TV.

    To help you get your answers on your own,

    I have an audiobook on Audible and a 21 day eCourse on Daily Om.

    I also run a free Facebook group called Shannon Walbran Psychic School.

    Take a look at my Facebook and ShannonWalbran.com website

    for my offerings and upcoming events.

All information provided is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and no liability will be held by Shannon Walbran or any of her employees. Each client has free will and free choice and uses his/her own discernment to make decisions.
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