• How can I get answers now?





    Divine guidance + community =

    serenity and direction

    The Seeker Sisters Circle is

    an exclusive spiritual mentorship + coaching community

    meant for you:

    entrepreneurial and executive women

    ready to eradicate blind spots

    and access power

    by receiving soulful + actionable answers

    straight from your angels!

  • What if you could ...

    access a secret circle full of inquisitive, smart, caring, international women?


    get direct and helpful answers to your most pressing soul-level questions?

    In this place ...

    You’ll enter into a mentorship with someone who’s trained in Reiki, Spirit Guide interpretation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


    You’ll get evidence-based advice with years of public proof behind her.


    You'll join more than 25,000 clients who have received specific + personal answers plus 8 million listeners from radio and TV, who are now truly convinced that they are loved and guided by divine intelligence - because the answers make sense and are about things only YOU would know.

    Tell me ...

    Would you join that community if you had a chance?

  • The answer is YES if:

    • You’re a woman who’s ready to implement solutions instead of bumping into roadblocks.
    • You’re totally over "simply surviving." You want joyful and colorful experiences!
    • You’re ready to exist without limits, explore beliefs that excite you, and meet people who challenge you.

  • Up until now,

    you've been living life

    according to the status quo.

    And how does that feel?

    You're holding yourself back

    and going through the motions and hiding how you truly feel from those around you (if you had to describe it, you’d say it feels like you’re out of your element, it’s like you’re swimming underwater, unable to break free and hit the surface to catch a breath (or a break).

    You hide how you feel

    because, from the outside looking in, your life looks picture perfect. Great job, great house, maybe even some great kids. "Why should I complain?"

    And yet, you're still seeking answers

    because you desire to experience Spiritual Leadership and develop your own gifts.

    But sometimes you think:

    • Who am I to ask for more?

    • Who am I to desire bigger things?

    • Who am I to seek answers to life’s pressing questions?

  • Your angels are here to say:



    Get in touch and we'll work on your most difficult problems!

  • What kinds of


    can you ask your angels?

    “What can I do to invite romance into my life?”


    “How can I stop fighting with my children?”


    “What is my work personality type, and what roles am I suited for?”


    “Why am I waking up at 3 in the morning, every single night?”


    “Should I partner with C. in my business? Who is our target market?”


    ... and many more!


    (I've even written a free eBook with the most effective questions

    I've gathered from a dozen years on radio;

    I'll gladly share it with you to get you started.)

  • What are our daily themes?

    These are just prompts; you can ask whatever you'd like!

  • If you're someone who has a

    longing in her life,

    a void within her soul

    that she can't seem to fill,

    then you're in the right place!

    Maybe you’ve tried:


    . . . Stuffing your face with food (no luck! You gained a dress size without gaining the spiritual or emotional peace you seek)


    . . . Attempting to inhale peace and exhale stress with yoga or even tobacco (or something a little stronger)


    . . . Meditating, going to church/synagogue/temple (but did they welcome your whole self? with all of your eclectic beliefs about The Universe?)


    . . . Having a once-off session with a medium, psychic, or someone similar (but how much peace can you experience if you only go for one session?)


    . . . Joining a large, anonymous coaching program, where you ended up feeling lost and lonely, again? or worse, envious of the people who seemed to be "making it" so easily?



    So now where are you?


    Well, if you’re honest, you’re not feeling any better.

    What do you need?

    A way out.

    A way through that will sustain you,

    give you peace,

    emotional clarity, and peace of mind.

    Remember that Circle we mentioned earlier.


    That place really does exist and when you join,

    I’ll let you in on the one magical and life-changing thing

    you need access to

    if you’re really going to change your life.


    The combination of divine guidance + community.

    That's the recipe for serenity.

    We've got it in the Seeker Sisters, and we want to share it with you!


    Let's check if we're a fit!

    Email info@shannonwalbran.com to book a 15 minute discovery call.

    (This quick call is not for angel answers

    but rather to find out if the program would suit you!)

    When can you chat about creating your best future?

  • About Shannon

    I'm on a mission to re-connect you to Source.

    But before I go on, let me share who I am, and how I came to be the host of the Seeker Sisters!


    I’m Shannon Walbran, and I’m an author and speaker who’s known as “South Africa’s Top Psychic."

    My role is to help you remember who you truly are and show you that you’re always guided -- but with facts and tools, not airy-fairy castles in the sky!


    These days I coach people all over the world through individual Spirit Guide readings, live events, radio, and TV.

    But I wasn’t always working as a Spirit Guide interpreter connecting with people from all over to bring them messages and share answers from their angels and Spirit Guides.


    My deep curiosity about the world has led me on a journey that started in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and has taken me all over the world.


    Through my work with NGOs, journalism, and filmmaking I’ve lived and worked in Slovakia, Bolivia, and Brazil. I’ve been to 48 countries, and since 2003 I’ve lived in South Africa. Now I'm based in both Johannesburg and St. Paul, Minnesota.


    I’m not a saint, but I believe that through my work I am somewhat of a “saint-maker.” My clients learn brand new ways to approach life, react to situations, and deal with challenges they face on a daily basis. I’m helping them bring out their inner holiness and wholeness.


    I know exactly how it feels to be in those shoes because for many years I was a seeker. I felt a deep sense of wonderment about the world and I had a desire to travel, experience different cultures, and deepen my spiritual gifts and practices.


    You know what I was doing on the side, during all that work? Going to healers, who would consistently tell me, “You’ve got a gift! Get ready to use it!”


    My journey was at times extremely difficult. I have:

    • Been broke and deeply in debt. Struggled in "real jobs," hating the 9-5

    • Dealt with deep lows and anxiety, including post-natal depression

    • Entered into relationships that didn’t serve me (or them, come to think!)

    • Found myself unhealthy + exhausted because I was eating poorly and drinking way too much alcohol even though it didn’t make me feel good...


    In short, I didn’t feel guided or grounded.


    I know how deeply painful it can be:

    • To feel out of control in your life.
    • To wonder what steps to take next on your journey.
    • To be immersed in feelings of loneliness, even when you’re surrounded by dozens of people.


    Then, everything started to change. In 2003, I started to receive specific messages from Spirit Guides to help other people. Through my work, I now help people feel supported and guided in their lives.


    In our work together my clients learn how to access that one little magical secret thing I mentioned earlier. This is the one that that will help you on their own spiritual journey.


    It’s not such a big secret after all… It’s called intuition or inner guidance. And it can be yours if you’re willing to listen and receive it so that you can resolve your challenges.


    Together we can cultivate your own sense of knowing in The Seeker Sisters.

  • What can you expect from

    The Seeker Sisters?

    Well, clients have had the most phenomenal results!

    Here are just a few of the outcomes they’ve had:


    Found the jobs that they wanted

    (I have received happy emails)


    Married the person they asked about when they were given positive signals

    (I've attended the weddings)


    Fallen pregnant when they were having fertility problems

    (I have met the babies)


    -- and much much more!


    How do all the tools in the Seeker Sisters Circle fit together?


    You’ll get tangible advice, access to practical ideas and activities,

    and answers straight from your angels,

    so that you can cultivate and advance your internal wisdom.


    Here’s how we’ll work together:

    Daily Answers: a Sounding-board for your Soul

    Specific advice from your personal Spirit Guides

    Do you get stuck when it’s time to make crucial decisions? I’ve designed this uniquely for you.


    Every day, through angel readings to answer your questions, Shannon helps you make the crucial decisions you need in order to create your best life. You'll get clearer, stronger, and healthier as you learn to listen to your Guides on your own.


    How: Post 1 question per day in our secret Facebook group and get both your answer plus support from our community!

    Weekly Calls for Clarity and Purpose

    Accountability can be loving and fun

    Do you ever set goals but then feel completely stuck when it comes to getting into your flow and achieving them? That’s why I schedule weekly calls as part of our work together.


    When someone knows what you're truly going for: financial freedom, world-building, family harmony, ultimate health, unlimited belief systems -- it feels fantastic to share goals.


    How: You'll have a weekly phone / Skype check-in, benchmarking where you're at and aiming for where you want to go!

    Monthly 1-to-1 Meetings to Make Magic

    Different from counseling, a vessel for your growth

    Do you desire a true transformation from being stuck to becoming guided?


    Deeply tracking your progress and taking you forward, my monthly long sessions with you offer a powerful opportunity for praying and visioning together, including Reiki and other energy healing modalities like Emotional Freedom Technique and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


    How: In person, by phone, or via Skype.

  • Q & A examples

    What will you ask, when you get your chance?

    You can ask anything about YOU,

    from the practical to the philosophical, romantic,

    health, business - anything!!

    Who are the Seeker Sisters?

    Intelligent, capable, spiritual, high-vibration women from all over the world.

    But we all still have our problems!


    Maddie's workplace turned toxic, but she couldn't imagine herself working anywhere else. Her Guides suggested a new path, and now she has sent her CVs out and is no longer hooked by an office that wouldn't pay her what she's truly worth.


    Helena had been through rehab and was ready to serve other people. She was caught between two lovers and had serious anxiety. Her Guides suggested a business venture, and she finally took hold of her finances and got out of debt.


    Thandeka felt lost and alone with her family problems, but she turned to the Seeker Sisters for comfort during her worst times, and she found specific answers on how to manage both her feelings and her family members. Today she's calmer and walking her path.


    Debra had troubles with her house, and the financial implications brought stress to her marriage. Her Guides gave her a specific strategy for the house issues *and* a script to use with her husband. Miraculously, the house problem resolved within weeks, and the marriage communication is improving.


    Caroline knew she was called to work with healing, but she was petrified to do something so "weird" and outside of her comfort zone. Thanks to her Guides' advice, she has trained and is certified as a healer, and is now getting fabulous feedback on her healing sessions.


    Mariska could not get along with her manager. Her Guides analyzed her archetypes and told her which ones she should play at work and which ones to play at home, for happiness and success. She reports back that things are going more smoothly (although she still wants to quit!)

  • Investment

    As soon as you contact me and complete your registration, here’s what you’ll get:

    • Instant Confirmation: a welcome email to schedule our first personal call!

    • An exclusive invitation to our secret Facebook Group, where you’ll get not only accurate, personal answers, but also loving support from the rest of the Sisters!

    • Access to my calendar - this is where you’ll book in for weekly 20-minute coaching sessions and one monthly one hour VIP face-to-face session or Skype.

    Prices are in US dollars (US$) and South African rands (ZAR) because I'm based in both countries:


    US $100 per month


    The Silver Level of the Seeker Sisters gives you

    full contact with the Seeker Sisters community +

    a weekly personalized written answer


    Welcome to our entry level!


    You'll learn so much from everyone's Q and A! There will be daily spiritual prompts for you to participate in, and you'll get one answer per week.

    You can always top up with a phone call or a VIP face-to-face session as you need it.


    Here is the PayPal link for a Silver Membership to the Seeker Sisters: PayPal.Me/ShannonWalbran/100


    US $500 per month


    The Gold Level of the Seeker Sisters gives you full contact with the Seeker Sisters community + daily personalized written answers Monday-Friday in our secret Facebook group.


    One personal question and answer per weekday - and you can see everyone else's answers, too!

    Plus the spiritual prompts and support. This gives you a lot of guidance and a feeling of community.


    You can top up with phone calls or a VIP face-to-face session if you need that connection!


    Here is the PayPal link for a Gold Membership to the

    Seeker Sisters: PayPal.Me/ShannonWalbran/500


    US $1,000 per month


    The Platinum Level of the Seeker Sisters gives you

    full contact with the Seeker Sisters community

    + daily personalized written answers Monday-Friday

    + weekly phone calls

    + monthly VIP face-to-face sessions


    Full speed ahead!


    You'll make quick and steady progress by solving problem after problem! Very few coaching programs in the world offer this much contact, divine guidance, and community support all at once!


    Here is the PayPal link for a Platinum Membership to the Seeker Sisters: PayPal.Me/ShannonWalbran/1000

  • Which level of the Seeker Sisters is for me?

    Compare the benefits and costs, and feel free to contact us for more info!

    Are you feeling Silver, Gold, or Platinum right now?

    You can upgrade or downgrade after one month, any time.

  • I'm ready to join the

    Seeker Sisters Circle!

    It's time to make big changes, FAST.

  • How do I know if I'm ready for the

    Seeker Sisters?

    Here's a great way to consider this decision.

    You know you’re ready to join the Seeker Sisters Circle if:

    • You’re ready to stop spinning your wheels in your personal life or career/business

    • You want to get accurate messages about your love life, friendships, and health/wellness

    • You want to discover your soul’s purpose and your unique talents

    • You want to use your gifts to make more money and serve more people

    • You understand that in order to truly transform, you’ve got to do the inner work

    • You believe in a higher power, angels, and synchronicity

    • You would love for a community of like-minded cheerleaders to encourage you

    • You are willing to state your goals and needs out loud in a community - it's ok to ask for help, and your question will most likely be very meaningful to another Sister, too!

    You’re probably not ready to join the Seeker Sisters Circle if:

    • You don't see the value of spiritual coaching and mentorship

    • You are negative, stuck in your ways, and unwilling to change

    • You don’t have a sense of humor and can’t laugh at yourself

    • You don’t know how to use Facebook (it’s our primary platform right now)

    • You’re looking for quick answers but won’t take the follow-up steps

    • You have strict religious beliefs that conflict with receiving divine guidance except from male, ordained priests and ministers

    • You are too shy to participate in a group or encourage others

    Don’t miss out on your chance to become spiritually grounded and guided!

    Tell me, what are you going to do next?

    1. Are you going to just keep going through life, paralyzed by simple decisions?
    2. Are you going to repeat the thoughts + actions that got you into this mess?

    3. Are you going to keep doing this all on your own? You’ve tried to DIY your spiritual journey, and we can see how that’s working right now.

    4. Are you going to let fear stop you from being emotionally, physically, and spiritually guided?

    5. Are you going to ignore that voice in your head, the one that’s asking you to do more, be more, and show up more powerfully in your life?

    I love a good list, but the one you just read was all about how you could potentially hold yourself back and I know you won’t let that happen!

    Staying the same means living by the status quo.


    Tapping into your divine guidance means increasing your confidence. It means moving forward, it means alleviating stress, it means diminishing your worry and crushing your self-doubt. It means SERENITY.

    So what if you wait?


    Well, you are totally capable of finding answers and guidance on your own. But if my life experience serves as a teacher, I can tell you that it can take up to 30 years to access your gifts if you are doing it all by yourself. It can take a long time to find a resolution to your nagging spiritual and emotional pains if you don’t have a teacher, guide, or mentor.


    That’s where I step in!


    When you join us in the Seeker Sisters Circle you’ll accelerate your path to personal, spiritual, and professional goals.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I’ve signed up for other coaching programs, what makes this one different?

    Many coaching programs are about the coach, not about you. The coach got skinny/rich/successful/famous, “and so can you.” In the Seeker Sisters, the spotlight is on YOU and your particular, personal challenges. Your angels know who you are, so their answers will bring in details that nobody knows but you.


    “That cheese you ate yesterday? That’s what’s giving you a stomachache.” “That screeching sound your car is making? You need new brakes.”


    Secondly, in most coaching programs you have very little contact with the coach. You might be in a sea of thousands at a talk, or in a big group, receiving general information.


    In Seeker Sisters, you get a DAILY response to your most pressing question of the moment. That gives you tremendous momentum to move forward.

    I’m afraid to invest because I’m not sure if I'll get results.

    Sure, that’s natural. How about if you try it for one month?


    Results depend on your willingness to take action and to implement the advice you’re given. But you've been taking action in many directions, without specific guidance.


    What I’ve found is, as trust builds (quickly!), people start eating the foods that are right for them, making the phone calls, applying for the jobs, and letting go of their own fears and roadblocks.


    They start to FLY!


    So even in one month, you can hear what your Guides and angels sound like, so that you can tap into your divine guidance on your own for the rest of your life.


    That’s the point, anyway! You ARE guided! Let's get you re-connected!

    I run a business. How can membership in the Seeker Sisters help me?

    Divine guidance has recently been given to very powerful businesspeople, on the following topics:

    • Defining your target customers and doubling your customer base

    • Re-branding with new taglines and colors

    • Restructuring departments and streamlining human resources

    • Developing new product lines

    • Planning your early retirement!

    Does that sound like it would help you?

    Is this a religious group? Do I have to follow a particular faith in order to benefit from the mentorship and coaching?

    This is not a religious group in that we all come from different faith backgrounds (Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, and even agnostic).


    But we all believe in a Higher Power, a divine intelligence that is helping us. We believe in a kind and caring Universe, and we are willing to cooperate with that Universe to lead better lives and fulfill our divine destinies.

    Still pondering a question you don’t see listed here? I want to help you make the best possible decision so I’d love it if you would send an email to info@shannonwalbran.com

  • I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

    As South Africa's top psychic, I also do individual and group sessions

    and appear on radio and TV.

    Take a look at my Facebook and ShannonWalbran.com website

    for my offerings and upcoming events.